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Stillwell - Buyer - Whittman


We have been looking at properties with Rick for over a year and he put us into his streaming properties email with our parameters. This July a property came up on our email and since we were in Washington State for the summer we called Rick and asked him to find out if this property was still available. Not only did Rick look up the MLS # on this property, but he went to the property and took detailed pictures and emailed them to us the very next day. The property was a short sale and after talking to Rick we put in an offer on July 5, 2012. The short sale process with Bank of America was tedious to say the least, but Rick took the extra steps to get updates from BofA via twitter and the other agent. After numerous delays by B of A and monthly extensions of the foreclosure auction, Rick lined us up with a gentlemen that handles these types of auctions and to make a long story short, the auction was held on 10/5/12 and we were the lucky winners at $12,000 less than B of A wanted. Rick also went the extra mile when it looked like our bank was going to have a problem meeting the wire cutoff for funds. He was going to draw the required funds from his own personal account in order to meet the deadline so we wouldn't loose the house or our auction deposit. We have purchased many homes in our lives and have dealt with many realtors both as purchasers, sellers and in my job as a mortgage loan processor/underwriter to appreciate a truly professional and committed realtor as Rick Nichols. I would recommend him to anyone looking to purchase or sell a home.

Content by Richard Nichols Sun City West Realtor

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