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Christine Lundquist - Buyer - Peoria


Rick not only was a complete pleasure to work with and a gentleman at all times, he was the hardest working most responsive Realtor I have ever worked with. I have bought and sold 8 homes before I met Rick so I speak from experience. I could call Rick and tell him I was coming to town in two days and give him a list of homes I wanted to see and he made it happen. I could call him and ask him to preview a home for me and he would jump on it that day often in the evening. But also when it came to contract time and negotiation time he was thorough, timely and professional. Rick is absolutely the finest Realtor in all aspects of the job from beginning to end. I feel extremely lucky to have had the pleasure to work with him. Because of him my dream home is now a reality.

Content by Richard Nichols Sun City West Realtor

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